Saturday, June 26

Chasing Villians

There's a lot of rumbling going on in the Christian community these days about homosexuality. Before that there was abortion, and before that it was pornography.

I think its mostly a smoke screen. We're all sinners--focusing our attention on some small minority is counter productive. Instead of getting all excited about something that affects 4% of the population, how about we focus on something that > 50% of the population has a problem with, like being overweight, or eating healthy. Nah, we'd rather keep eating those quarter pounders with cheese, while shaking a fist at those sexual degenerates. Lets not even talk about the tithing issue. (Yes, I know its God's money, but I'm behind on my jetski payments and the 4x4 is in the shop.)

Seriously, Jesus called us to love one another (and I don't believe there were any exclusions), and judge not lest you be judged, nor condemn others. I am lucky enough to have a few non-believers as friends, and I gladly extend to them my friendship and help. I work to make an impact in their life, a living example of Christ's love. Should I reach the point where they (or any other person) asks me about my beliefs or questions about their lifestyle, then I need to be ready to tell them my testimony, and through prayer (with them) and reading the bible, help them come up with answers to any questions about how God would have them live their life.


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