Tuesday, December 7

What am I? Noah?

So last week it was snowing again (its been snowing alot), and I ended up having this conversation.
"Hello Derek", says God.
"Its going to keep snowing you know."
"Does it have to?"
"Yes. And your neighbors aren't going to be any help this winter like they were in years past. You're on your own this year so you'd better get an AWD vehicle."
"How about a Subaru, they're pretty cheap."
"No, not enough space. You've got another kid on the way you know. Oh, by the way, its a boy."
"Really? Jonmarie thought it was a girl this time."
"Nope, its a boy, I'm sure. So you'd better look for something bigger."
"How about an Audi A4 Avant?"
"No no no. Too much service trouble and there's no dealer in Flagstaff. Look, I'll make it real easy on you. I'm sending a pre-owned 2004 Toyota Highlander up to the local dealer. Its got AWD, a V6 and three rows of seats. And I'll let you talk them down $3,000 off of asking price?"
"You're too good to me God."
"I know."

So now I own one of these things. Just in time too, cause its snowing again.


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